Atlanta-raised. Auburn educated. Wisconsin Proud. I've traveled all over the world and United States for pleasure and jobs. I've had the high privilege and honor for working for some amazing companies. Radiant Systems, Burnham Richards, Cineviz, Midwest Communications, Rolling Stone, S&R Communications, Sesquehana Radio... and then some.


My passion for life goes beyond work. First, I'm a family man. I care deeply about the community I live in. Being an Eagle Scout, one of the lessons I learned very early on was to be the difference in the community. No one will take charge until you do. This has been my life mantra. I don't just idly sit around waiting for something to happen – I go do it!

From design to marketing, I have extensive knowledge and experience with successful campaigns. Sometimes when I list what I've accomplished or jobs I've worked on, it makes me laugh. Who can go from working on a Pig Adventure to photoshopping Britney Spears to making sure copyright laws are in place to a full branding campaign of a high end restaurant? Only in the world I live in. And I wouldn't trade it for anything!